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Ali Biagini, #18 Minnesota Blades – Girls U16

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Ali Biagini, Isolation Footage – 09.03.11. vs Fury

(F):  A strong and intimidating forward. Is feisty and plays with an edge. Has an uncanny ability to read the play and stop its advancement. Yields a tough defensive posture, and stick, which caused many turnovers and transitional scoring chances for her team. Smart with good vision across the sheet. Possesses above average instincts for the game. Is a ‘in the right place at the right time’ type player. Proved to be more effective with her passing game rather than when she chose to activate her stick-handling and puck skills. Is a balanced yet stocky skater – needs to loosen up her footwork, work on her agility and strengthen her stride. She has the instincts and the intellect for the game that can take her places but she will need to develop her puck skills and power up her skating.