Darby Llewellyn, #4 Detroit Honeybaked – Boys U16

This video doesn’t exist
Darby Llewellyn, Isolation Footage – 12.18.11. vs. Team Illinois

(F): DOB: 7/19/96. 6’1, 170 lbs. Shoots left. An intelligent, skilled and strong power forward with exceptional skating ability. Owns mobility, balance and excellent hockey sense. Is dynamic on both sides of the puck and has an uncanny sense for reading and anticipating the play. An aggressive and physical presence that finishes his checks and uses his size well to protect the puck and win battles in the trenches. His hands are soft and crafty, and he possesses a great deal of vision. Is incredibly patient with the puck and is especially effective in fighting off pressure along the boards and in the corners, and nailing an open mate with an urgent, and accurate pass. Mature ice presence for his age and displays great communication skills.  Sizeable now and will only be getting bigger. Needs to quicken his first steps and become more engaged and effective with the face-offs he squares up for. Is eligible for the OHL Entry Draft in 2012 and we fully expect him to be chosen within the second round. Serious potential for future professional play.


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