Jordan Greenway, #12 Shattuck St. Mary’s – U14

This video doesn’t exist
Jordan Greenway, Isolation Footage – 11.26.11. vs. Little Caesars

(F): DOB: 2/16/97. 6’2, 185 lbs. Shoots left. Pro sized at fourteen years of age! Possesses the rare combination of size, strength and skill. Uses his frame and muscle to clear a work space, protect the puck and bang bodies. Has an edgy, abrasive stance on the ice and is not afraid  to stir things up. Strong and balanced skater that eats up the ice quickly with his powerful stride and long reach. Owns a willingness to head to the net, with or without the puck. Sees the ice extremely well and is adept at keeping his offensive attacks varied. Has a soft touch with the puck and can finesse his way across the ice, through traffic and within tight of the net. Extremely crafty and creative and can put eyes on the puck with the pass. Much more developed than his peers and there is absolutely no reason why he should not be playing Midget Minor this year.


2 responses to “Jordan Greenway, #12 Shattuck St. Mary’s – U14

  • shawn wood

    Watched this kid play a few times, his size and ice knowledge is unreal for a 97′, could be playing third line for a bottom barrel D1 team. Is this kid going to USNDT next year??

    • Ike Rhodes

      Shawn –

      Thanks for checking out the site and viewing the video. I am positive that the USNDT has their eyes on him but would be surprised if he was on their bench next year.
      Please stay in touch.


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