Mikaela Gardner, #2 Chicago Fury – Girls U16

This video doesn’t exist
Mikaela Gardner, Isolation Footage – 11.12.11. vs. Madison Capitols

(D): An offensive defenseman that is strong on her skates and well-balanced. Healthy stride with a good bit of mobility. Digs in and is difficult to dislodge from the action or separate from the puck. Can move the puck end-to-end in a bullish, puck protection fashion but has limited hands when it comes to working it through traffic, or being crafty. Extremely strong up top and does a great job sealing off the blue and keeping the play alive. Excellent hockey sense. Her instinctive and aggressive pinches help resuscitate the offensive punch and a lot of the time she will stay immersed deep within the offensive zone for as long as the play will allow. Likes to head to the net and act as a fourth forward, but will report back to her defensive post once the play looks to have turned sour. Has a habit of exhausting herself with the offensive play though and is often times left with nothing but fumes for the return to her defensive post. Positionally smart – angles off the puck and forces the play. Sometimes lacks defensive urgency in her own zone and fails to engage with as much jump as she shows while playing at the other end of the rink. Can play with a snarl when she gets angry and does a good job protecting the front of her net.


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