Jack Warren, #18 St. Rita Mustangs – CCHL Varsity

This video doesn’t exist
Jack Warren, Isolation Footage – 10.27.11. vs. St. Viator

(F): Performed across the sheet with a lot of zip. Has a powerful stride and a decent first step – gets to loose pucks. Kept himself defensively aware and showed some hustle on the back-check. Has a disruptive stance on the ice and is good with angling off the play with his stick-work and positioning. Most of the offense he displayed tonight took place at the top of the circles or from the perimeter – no real offensive punch or creativity shown, and his hands had a hard time keeping up with his feet. Does own a quick flick of the wrist though and can hurl the puck towards the net quite deceptively. Utilized the boards effectively to chip the puck out of his zone and into the neutral zone, then would use his mobility and quick footwork to barrel around the opposition to retrieve it. Not lazy by any means but seemed to turn it up a couple of notches when he got angry and we liked what we saw. Wish he would play with that intensity and fortitude each and every shift.   


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